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Taurus Table Mats

India's leading manufacturer and seller of Customized Table Mats / Placemats & Dining Mats.

Placemats / Table Mats, Dining Mats from Taurus

Taurus Table Mats is the manufacturer and seller of Customized Re-usable Table Mats / Placemats for Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes etc. You can choose from a wide range of designs and customize it with your restaurant name, logo, address etc for even a small quantity. For home & personal uses, you can buy as little as 2 Mats, and for restaurants or hotels, 100 Mats per order.


The re-usable table mats from Taurus are made of top quality...

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The nonporous synthetic material prevents absorption of most food stains and odors. Any food dropped on the mat is not absorbed or transferred onto the table cloth below...

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Our Table Mat designs blend unobtrusively with any decor adding elegance to the table. The grained surface finish hides any ugly scratches left by the cutlery...

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Quality raw material and care in production ensure that these Mats last for well over 100 days without losing shape or colour...

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Easy to Maintain

Our Placemats DO NOT requires any special care or maintenance. They can be just scrubbed, washed or wiped like any other cutlery using normal cleaning agents...

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These table mats are highly cost effective compared to over all cost of using any other type of table mat, including disposable ones. Repeated orders from our clients ...

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Largest Selection

Choose from the hundreds of designs from the online catalogue which is updated every week. Our designers are at your disposal to create designs as specified by you at most competitive charges..

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Fast Delivery

We assure you Shipping within 8 working days for standard designs and 15 days for custom designs.

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Small Orders

You can order the Table Mats in small quantities, as little as 2 mats per design at a time for home or personal use, or 100 mats per design for restaurant or hotel usage...

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How to Buy

You can place your orders online from our catalogue. Or just e-mail us your restaurant logo and we will incorporate it in the design and mail it back for you to approve...

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You can make your payments using PayPal or by Bank Transfer. Indian customers can deposit cash/cheque into our Bank account at any ICICI branch. Detailed guidance will be ...

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No matter where you are located, we have made it extremely easy to add our Placemats to your Tables. And at a price which is competetive and transparent....

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Customized Placemats / Table Mats

Re-usable placemats from Taurus Table Mats are Elegant, Long Lasting, Easy to Maintain, Hygienic and Economical. They are made of high quality raw materials and careful production process. Four colour Laser printing process allows them to retain the bright looks till the life of the mat. These synthetic placemats have matt finish and rounded corners, which make them an elegant piece on your table.

Disposable Placemats / Table Mats

Taurus Table Mats offers high quality disposable paper placemats for all kind of dining occasions. These paper table mats are printed on good quality paper that will not tear easily. The paper place mats are available in single colour as well as four colour and have rounded corners. Paper table mats from Taurus comes in packs of 1000. Currently paper mats / disposable placemats are available only in India.