Taurus Table Mats – India, Bangalore is the manufacturer and seller of customized table mats for restaurants & home use. Our customized & reusable table mats are long lasting, elegant, easy to maintain and economic. Since 5 years, Taurus Table Mats has been supplying customized re-usable table mats and disposable paper placemats to restaurants across the country.

Why Use Customized Table Mats
for Restaurants?

Customized Mats from Taurus Chinese Mats
Custom Design 100 Mats 5000 Mats
Durability Last More than 1 year Short Life
Stay Flat Yes No. Edges Curl
Scratch Proof Yes No
Colours Non-fading Fades
Heat Proof Yes No
Temperature Variation Resistant No
Tearable No Yes
Strength Non-cracking Cracks
Easy to clean Yes. Machine Washable Yes. non-machine wash
Quality Consistent High Quality No Consistency

Trusted by more than 3000 Restaurants