Placemats / Table mats from Taurus

Taurus Table Mats – Bangalore is the manufacturer and seller of Customized Re-Usable Table Mats and Disposable Paper placemats for Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes etc.

About Placemats / Table mats

Placemat or Table Mat is a protective pad used on table while dining. It is usually made of plastic, paper or cloth and is used in restaurants and homes. The term is derived from the mat being put at a person’s “place” or chair at a table. They are also known as table placemats & dining mats.

The main function of placemats or table mats is to protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains and damages due to heat. Placemats also serve as decorative pieces and enhance the look of the dining areas of restaurants and homes. They can be used for displaying the menu items, specialities etc in the dining place.