The nonporous synthetic material prevents absorption of most food stains and odors. Any food dropped on the mat is not absorbed or transferred onto the table cloth below. The placemats can simply be wiped clean using common disinfectant/cleaning liquids.

Quality raw material and care in production ensure that these Mats last for well over 100 days without losing shape or colour. With little care, most of our clients have satisfactorily used them for more than a year.

The cheaper versions of table mats available in the market cannot withstand the varying temperature of dishes kept on them while dining. As a result, they start bending/ curling. Most of the cheaper mats will start tearing at the edges. Re-usable mats from Taurus are known to be free from these problems. They last easily over 3 months, and heavy-traffick restaurants use them over one year also.

The multi-colour printing of Taurus Table Mats is long lasting like the mat. It will not fade in washing, regular usage, exposure to sunlight etc. The colours remain the same way till the last day of the mat!

Exposure to sunlight and water do not spoil the re-usable table mats from Taurus. These make them ideal for pool side dining, pool side cafe or bar, terrace garden restaurants, open air dining etc.

Dining mats from Taurus do not show scratches from cutlery. The grainy matte finish of these table mats hide the scratches, and retain the fresh look till the last day of the mat.

Our Placemats DO NOT requires any special care or maintenance. They can be just scrubbed, washed or wiped like any other cutlery, using normal cleaning agents. Laser Printing and Matt Finish ensure vibrant look even after repeated usage.

Watch the Video to see How Easy it is to Maintain

Re-usable table mats from Taurus Table Mats are highly cost effective compared to overall cost of using any other type of table mat, including disposable ones. Repeated orders from our clients over the last 5 years vouch for this.

Cost of these mats can be recovered in just 2 months, incase of a regular restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

Considering the long life of these mats, Per Usage Cost of these mats work out less than Rs. 0.20 per use.



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