Table Mats Design

Table mat is a mat used under a hot dish to protect the table from the hotness. It is a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort.

The primary function of table mat is to protect the dinner table from water marks, stains and heat. They also serve as decorative pieces, especially made from lace or silk. Use of table mats also ensures hygiene. With the use of table mat, you can create a fresh look at your place without excessive spending. There are varieties of table mats available made of different materials such as disposable mats (Made of paper, these mats look clean, and unlike table cloths you need not worry about stains. A paper table mat can be easily replaced with a fresh clean one.), fabric, PVC, laminated, and bamboo table mats. These mats are not only cost effective but look elegant as well.

There are lots of designs and styles available in table mats. The price of these table mats depends on their size, colour and texture. There are different designs and patterns available like floral, geometric prints, crochet, handmade, lace, silk, cartoons, wordings, and so on with a wide range of colour option in the market.

You can also design to personalize your table mats according your requirement. There are various ways to personalize them, for example, you can add a photo of your choice, a picture of your home (which can be used as a return gift for the housewarming ceremony), craft done by your child, and so on. You can also use the personalized table mats to decorate tables at a birthday party or during other celebrations.

At restaurants you can use the designer table mats to print the menu, advertise local businesses and/or games for children.

And, if you are thinking of gifting table mats, it is a well-thought gift, which can be used every day. There are varieties of design available based on the occasion, for example a gift for Christmas, house warming ceremony, birthday parties and so on. Customize them by adding that special photo of your loved one, to whom the gift is meant for.

You can choose from the hundreds of designs from the online catalogue which is updated every week. The designers at Taurus Table Mats can create designs specified by you at most competitive charges and can create special designs for parties and banquets. We undertake small orders, so that you can order the table mats in small quantities, as little as 100 mats per design at a time. This helps you in maintaining a fresh look of your tables as often as you want, without incurring high inventory cost.

To customize the table mats send us an e-mail with your requirement. We will design it and send it to you to see how it looks before placing orders. Please note that colours seen on the computer screen may differ from the printed ones.

You can reach Taurus Table Mats for your table mats requirement. We assure the best quality table mats delivered in the shortest time.


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